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Picture of castle point lighthouse in New Zealand

When you travel to the incredible world of New Zealand in the South Pacific you are walking into the most amazing range of travel experiences on two large islands (the North Island and the South island) as well as a number of smaller surrounding islands with each one having its own beauty and character to explore.

On the South Island there is the high mountain peaks of the Alps where there are living remnants of the ice ages that have carved a magnificent landscape from the glacier activity over the years and not far below you can wander through lush rainforests of the amazing West Coast. The North Island is less mountainous than the South but is a land marked by three major active volcanoes and four national parks.

Travel to the country of New Zealand is good at any time of year as the weather is fairly mild with temperatures rarely dropping below zero and never rising to a heat that is unbearable. On your journey you will find some of the most beautiful flora that is native to New Zealand and is filled with richness that has evolved in isolation for millions of years. New Zealand is home to many types of whales, dolphins, penguins, various types of rare birds and plenty of insects and reptiles.

New Zealand is an overseas destination that takes you to a holiday paradise in a magical world where dreams seem to come true.
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